Fragrance Lake
Lake Dorothy Trail
Bare Mountain
Red (Painted) Mountain
Stone Lake
Mount Baldy
Barlow Point and the Old Government Trail
Greenwater and Echo Lakes
Tunnel Creek
Snow and Gem Lakes
Independence and North Lakes
North Fork Sauk Trail
Mount Lillian Loop
Headlee Pass and Vesper Lake
Island Lake via Pratt Lake Basin
Kendall Katwalk
Perry Creek Trail to Mount Forgotten Meadows

Lake Serene
Eight Mile Creek and Squire Lake Pass
Cow Heaven
Nason Ridge Trail
Cutthroat Lakes via Walt Bailey Trail
Mount Dickerman
Rock Creek/Basalt Peak
Alpine Lookout
Yellow Aster Butte
Blanca Lake
Skyline Divide
Bald Eagle Mountain
Scott Paul Trail
Lost Creek Ridge
Hannegan Peak
Peek-a-Boo Lake
Scorpion Mountain
Gothic Basin/Foggy Lake
Fisher Lake
Beckler Peak
Thunder Creek

Hidden Lake Peak (North Peak)
Rock Thunder Mountain
Deception Creek
Lake Stuart
Ingalls Creek
Thorpe Mountain
Union and Jove Peaks
Whiskey Dick Mountain
Jade Lake Trail
Skyline Lake Snowshoe
Deer Creek Road Cross-country Skiing
Lake 22 Snow Shoe

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