or cross-country skiing. Unfortunately, I have not yet found the job that will allow me to do so. If anyone knows of an opportunity where an experienced accountant/social-worker/counselor (I have a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology) can spend most of his time in the great outdoors get in touch with me. I also am rapidly gaining experience in web site development although I am far from a computer geek. So again, if you know of anything, shoot me an email. Ken

PS The pic is me atop Bare Mountain, 11/26/13 taken by my friend Jim (that's his shadow)

Pacific Northwest Outdoor Adventures
Not much to say here. I am a child of the '60s. Born and raised in NYC, I had my first hiking experiences with the Boy Scouts. A few years after earning a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration I left the Big Apple for good. This was in the late '80s when I joined the US Army as an Intelligence Analyst. While the oxymoron is apparent, the irony of my assignment soon will be. While the Army advertised, "Join the Army. See the world," I landed at Fort Riley in Kansas. Upon landing at the airport in Manhattan, Kansas I was met, not by a person (it was Sunday and the airport was more or less closed) but by a mural stating, "Welcome to the Little Apple." When I got on I-70 and headed west, I swear I could see all the way to the Rockies. After a four year tour, all spent in Kansas, I moved to Lincoln, Nebraska where I worked as an accountant for a consumer testing laboratory. 

Unfortunately, the economy took a hit and my job was eliminated so I moved to Washington state at the suggestion of my sister. She and her family moved to Texas shortly thereafter but I have remained here for some 20 odd years. I cannot think of any place I would rather be. Needless to say, I prefer to be in the outdoors, whether it be hiking, backpacking, biking, scrambling, snow shoeing,

Sierra Trading Post

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